Monthly Archives: December 2016

Driving on ice


Backing out of my driveway on the ice I realized that although I had applied the brake, my car was not stopping. A quick look in my rear view mirror revealed a line of bumper to bumper cars backed up on Ashland and I was heading straight for them with alarming speed. I managed to turn the wheel and slid into my yard just short of colliding with the side of a white Chevy Cruze. The face of the lady driving the Cruze went from horror to relief and I averted the urge to soil my britches.

One of my front tires caught the grass in my yard and stopped us, thank goodness. From there I was able to spin my tires for a while and catch some more grass, finally lurching up into my yard. I looked around. I sure as heck was not going to back up onto my driveway again. I saw my only choice was to drive through my yard. When I got to the edge of my yard and the start of my cranky neighbor’s yard I stopped and thought for a minute. I could see the side street right there. It was just a short jaunt across her small yard to the other side. I decided to go for it, something I regretted almost instantly. Ben said, “What are you doing? Don’t drive in her yard,” he says as we are driving through her yard. “Whoa, she’s going to be pissed,” he said, My reply, “She won’t even know.” At which time I turned around and looked…there were two big, painfully obvious, tire tracks running right through the middle of her yard.

I went ahead and dropped Ben off at work and worried all the way home that she would see them before I could get home and destroy the evidence. I just got back in the house after using my leaf rake to rake all the grass from my yard and all across hers to hide my blunder. I’m sure I looked like someone with a mental disorder out in the yard in 29 degrees in the freezing rain raking the grass like a lunatic, but I had to hurry. It was getting dark and I was afraid that any moment she might catch me in her yard…with the rake. Then I would have to explain and I didn’t want to explain. I don’t think she will ever know. However, I may still get a phone call…fingers crossed.