Trump speaks his mind


I hear all these Trump supporters saying they support him because he speaks his mind. Well you know who else speaks their mind?  Kindergarteners.  They have no trouble telling you that you have hairs hanging out of your nose, paint on your butt or that they can see your underwear sticking out the back of your pants when you bend over too far.  They will announce to you (and anyone else in the vicinity) very nonchalantly that they have just farted.  Once I saw a pair of feet sticking out from under the drying rack in the back of the room.  When I went to investigate I found one of my little kinder girls behind the rack up against the wall.  Her answer to my inquiry as to what she was doing back there was “I’m farting.”  “Oh, O.K. then, Carry on,” I replied.  Today one of the boys told me that squirrels eat acorns because they don’t like Mexican food.  Well, alright then, good to know.  They’re cute you know, but there’s not one of them I would vote into office.


About msmurfie

Shawn Murphy is a woman of mystery and power whose power is only exceeded by her mystery. She did not adjust well to the corporate life of cubicles and voicemail so went back to school and became an elementary school art teacher. Shawn enjoys walks in the woods despite being mostly allergic to the woods. She loves dogs, hates snakes, listens to self help CD’s and sings loudly to Beach Boys songs while driving. She tries to understand algebra , no luck so far. Past accomplishments include mending fences, literally and figuratively, folding a fitted sheet and shooting awesome photographs. Hopes to one day learn how to tie ties and sharpen knives properly. Easy going and painfully honest. Tends to share almost anything, much to the chagrin of friends and family.

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