Monthly Archives: January 2015

I Have Vegetables.



My mom dropped by this afternoon to bring me some things she picked up for me at HyVee. Last week she had me look at their ad and asked if I would like for her to pick up anything for me and I said yes, “If you would pick me up some of those 3/$1.00 boxes of macaroni and cheese and a couple of those 79 cent cans of spaghetti sauce that would be great.” So today she brings me the bag from HyVee and inside the bag were three bags of frozen vegetables which was nice so I said, “Oh, thanks.” She explained that she would have been by yesterday except she had a fender bender on the Belt Highway yesterday and the young policeman that came was so nice and he looked just like Donnie Walberg on Blue Bloods. “I almost told him that, she said, “but I decided not to because he probably gets that all the time.”   I used to laugh at her when she did things like this, but I cannot judge…I spent 15 minutes today looking for my phone that fell in my sleeve of my shirt, so I do believe I win the harebrain contest for today. I still don’t have and macaroni and spaghetti sauce, but I found my phone, so I have that going for me….and vegetables. I have vegetables.