Monthly Archives: November 2014

Caffeination Level: Hiroshimia!



This morning I got up, put water in the coffee maker along with a new kind of coffee I bought called Café Bustelo which touts itself as Cuban Espresso coffee…strong and powerful. I flipped the switch and walked away. I got distracted (imagine that) and it wasn’t until I came back about an hour later to get a cup that I realized I had forgotten to put the pot on the burner. At first I was puzzled as to why there wasn’t coffee pooling on the counter and dripping all over the floor like there usually is when I do this sort of thing. Then I remembered that my brother bought me my last coffee maker and knowing me like he does he bought one that has the safety feature where a little spring blocks the coffee from flowing unless the pot is under there to release it…Yay Greg! The coffee had brewed, but it was still being held in the filter cup (fortunately I only made 4 cups). The hot water sat there in the filter thing for over an hour soaking in the coffee grounds and by the time I put the pot under and drained it into the pot it had produced some really strong coffee that my friend Chris Evans would suck down with glee. I have now consumed it and my caffeination level is at “Hiroshima” and I can already see tomorrow.

As a side note: I am not the only caffeinated being in the house today. My dog dug a Keurig cup out of my school bag and ate the entire contents of a vanilla bean coffee pod which I suppose means he ate the equivalent of an entire pot of coffee sans the water. He is now twirling in circles and barking at things only he can see.