Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Perfect Fart Environment


I must apologize for the fact that most of my stories involve farting. With that said, here’s another thought on farts. One good thing about working at the old folks home is that you can pretty much fart whenever you want. The older folks there create the perfect fart environment. For instance, I was just standing there at the desk sorting mail and talking with an older resident that had stopped to chat. I bent over to pick up a stack of mail and phoof, a delicate squeak escaped from my backside. This lady didn’t miss a beat in our conversation. She acted as if it had never happened. I figure there could be three reasons for this: 1) She didn’t hear it 2) She did hear it, but was too polite to say anything OR 3) She thought she did it. This has happened before, I fart, they hear it and say, “Oh my, was that me? I just smile and let them think they did it. Hey, they won’t remember it in five minutes anyway.