Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Aroma of Japanese Cherry Blossoms



Today at school one of my co-workers gave me a Christmas gift which included and nice bottle of Japanese Cherry scented lotion from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I popped open the dispenser on top and gave the bottle a little squeeze expecting some air to escape and waft the scent past my nostrils as I inhaled it’s lush bouquet.  Boy was I surprised when I squeezed the bottle and inhaled.  Instead of air, the bottle shot out a big blob lotion which went up my nose like a rocket.  I blew my nose and blew my nose, but I could not get the aroma of Japanese Cherry Blossom out of my nose.  I smelled it all day.  I’m home now and eating some pizza for dinner.  It tastes strangely like….Japanese Cherry Blossom.


Where are my shoes?



I went Christmas shopping the other night and after walking aimlessly around Kmart for what seemed like an eternity I finally concluded that my mission was futile.  It was on my way out of the store that I spotted the “Buy one pair and get one ½ off” sign in the shoe department.  I am easily distracted by shoes of all kinds especially when there’s a sale.  I spent at least 30 minutes trying on shoes, boots and slippers of all kinds and colors and finally decided I must forgo the purchase of any new footwear in favor of Christmas gifts for my loved ones.  I sighed and took off the awesome shoes I had been admiring in the mirror.  They made me look taller, more elegant and they put my ratty old glue covered school shoes to shame.  Reluctantly I put them back in the box on the shelf remembering my true purpose.   I turned around to put my old clodhoppers back on, but they weren’t there.  Where were they?  Standing there in my stocking feet I looked up the aisle and down the aisle.  I looked one aisle over.  I finally found them two rows back, lying in the middle of the floor where I had absent-mindedly slipped them off, memorized and drooling over a pair of suede boots with really shiny buckles.  It reminded me of the time something similar happened to me at the DAV Thrift Store.  I had slipped off my shoes this time to try on several pairs of shoes which included a stellar pair of nice leather, fur lined clogs made by a company that I could never afford to buy shoes from if they were new.  When I was finished admiring myself and had my new treasures safely secured  in my cart, I turned around to put my own shoes back on and could not find them anywhere.  I peeked around the corner and looked at the spot where I had last remembered seeing them and they were gone.  I was sitting in the floor bewildered, yet amused, that at 50+ years old I had managed to lose my shoes when I saw a lady at the checkout counter.  There were my shoes, perched upon the countertop where she was inquiring about their price since they didn’t have anything marked on them.  I have to say, I almost let her buy them to save myself the embarrassment of having to go up and take them back.  After a moment of thought I decided that I didn’t  feel like going home in just my socks so I wheeled my cart over and explained my situation to her and got my shoes back.  I thought she might be kind of embarrassed like I was that one time I tried on some lady’s coat at a garage sale and was twirling around for my friend Julie to see how I looked when the lady came up to sheepishly inform me that it was her coat and could she have it back now because it was not for sale, but not this lady, she looked kind of peeved.  For a minute there I thought I might have to fight her to get my shoes back, but she surrendered them without bloodshed and I was able to go home with some dignity and a cute new pair of clogs that my dog chewed up a week later.  Lucky for him I love him very much.