The McDonald’s Maxi Pad Incident



An Alert for the guys:  This post contains intimate details involving feminine hygiene products so if you are squeamish about these sorts of things you might want to stop reading now.  AND I will go ahead now and apologize to my son Ben who will no doubt be embarrassed by me yet again, but I believe he is kind of used to it by now.  He has lived with me for 26 years.

It seems each time I write another tale about farts and/or poop someone I know will remind me of another time I had a similar experience, (I told you this was only the tip of the iceberg) so I am trying to write them all down before I’m too old to remember.  You know those memories are precious and should be preserved.  However, I have decided to take a break from regaling you with my memoirs of pooping and farts (for a short while because I have more) and am switching gears to a more sophisticated subject…Maxi Pads.

One of my oldest and dearest friends Diana reminded me of a story I had all but forgotten.  It seems we were in high school at the time (you see these kinds of things have been happening to me just about my whole life) and we were at McDonald’s on the Belt Highway.  It was THE place to hang out on a Saturday night.  We would park our cars in the parking lot of the movie theater next door, all in a row facing the Belt and then sit out on the hoods of our cars waving to the passersby which were mostly other teenagers cruising the Belt and drinking a six-pack that someone bought with their sister’s I.D. (it was a different time.)  Most adults would avoid that part of the Belt Highway on a Saturday night and go down a side street to avoid having their nerves completely shattered by a sixteen year old boy in his souped up GTO.  Everybody who was anybody was there on Saturdays and so of course were we.  Now I must set the scene…you youngsters will not be able to relate, but it can serve as a history lesson in the evolution of feminine hygiene.

This was back in the dark ages before tampons.  The latest thing was MAXI PADS.  Yes, a wonderful miracle of modern science.  No longer did a young miss have to struggle with the dreaded garter belt to attach a sanitary pad to her body.  These new fangled things had a line of sticky stuff on the back and you could attach them right to your underpants!  It was great.  You would just rip off the paper strip on the back, stick it to your underwear and after a few times of getting it too far forward or too far back, you would get the hang of it and off you would go.  This phenomenon came right on the heels of another modern convenience, pantyhose.  Goodbye garter belts.  Hello Women’s Lib.  What would they think of next?

Back to the story…I’m standing at the counter in McDonald’s next to my friend Diana.  I have ordered my Quarter pounder with cheese (another new invention).  I dig into my purse, pull out my new suede billfold with the green and red stripe down the middle, opened up the flap and was standing there resting my wallet on the counter, the front facing me and the back of my wallet was facing the workers behind the counter.  I was patiently waiting for the girl to tell me what my total was so that I could pay and I noticed that she was staring at my wallet.  I thought she was probably admiring it because it was really stunning and that she was going to say something like “I really like your billfold.  Where did you get it?”  Then I noticed some boys in the back who had been alerted by some of the girls in the front and they were all looking at my wallet.  They started to chuckle.  The girl at the register was kind enough to point at my wallet and say, “I think you need to take a look at the back of your wallet.”  I turned it over and to my horror, stuck there to the back of my wallet was …you guessed it…a Maxi Pad!  Apparently when you leave them in your purse too long the paper strip comes off the back and then the pad is free to stick onto anything in the vicinity and in this case it was my wallet.  By now everyone behind the counter is roaring with laughter.  I said, “Oh, my God.”  And showed it to Diana who got so choked up with the amusing aspect of the situation that she couldn’t speak.  We laughed so hard that no sound came out for a few minutes and then continued on until we finally had to stop because our sides were cramping.  I mean really what can you do at that point?  I was seventeen and used to it by this time.  It wasn’t long after this that the use of tampons became widespread.  I have stories about those too, but I’ll save it for later…..your welcome.


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Shawn Murphy is a woman of mystery and power whose power is only exceeded by her mystery. She did not adjust well to the corporate life of cubicles and voicemail so went back to school and became an elementary school art teacher. Shawn enjoys walks in the woods despite being mostly allergic to the woods. She loves dogs, hates snakes, listens to self help CD’s and sings loudly to Beach Boys songs while driving. She tries to understand algebra , no luck so far. Past accomplishments include mending fences, literally and figuratively, folding a fitted sheet and shooting awesome photographs. Hopes to one day learn how to tie ties and sharpen knives properly. Easy going and painfully honest. Tends to share almost anything, much to the chagrin of friends and family.

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